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First Day of the Rest of Her Life [one shot]

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First Day of the Rest of Her Life [one shot]

PostAuthor: Pokere Nacht » Wed Aug 06, 2014 1:59 am

M6D9 139ABY 08:40 Local Time

Pokere` sprinted down the corridor at top speed. She ran like Palpatine himself were chasing her but she was driven not by fear. No, Pokere` Nacht was driven by pure, unadulterated joy. The adrenaline released by her fierce happiness, her overwhelming excitement at the events of just a few moments ago, gave her wings. Wings she used as she cut out a terrace opening and leaped over the railing at a full run. She soared through the air and gave forth a cry of pure emotion, "I'M AN APPRENTICE!! YEEEEEAAAHH!!!" She sailed in a shallow arc, coming down toward another terrace but enjoying every moment of the humid air of the jungle world whipping past her.

No sooner had her wrapped, but otherwise bare, feet hit the duracrete she was streaking back into the building on a straight course for her Initiate dorms. Other Initiates, her peers until just minutes ago, both older and younger jumped out of the way of the pale blue streak. She practically skidded into the communal space, leaping over three beds and an Initiate on her way to her bunk. She rolled across her own bed, pulling the drawer of her side table open even as her touched the cold, smoothly polished floor on the other side. She dug out the key to her footlocker and had the lid open before somebody managed to get her attention.

"Hey, 'kere`... What gives?"

She didn't answer with words, she didn't have to and wanted to stay focused on what she needed to accomplish anyway. Instead, she let the large duffel bag she pulled out of the bottom of her footlocker speak for her. It had never been used before, it was brand new, and just like the one given to every other Initiate for just such an occasion. The speaker, another Initiate from a few beds down gasped in shared excitement.

"Oh... oh! Everybody, 'kere` got picked!!"

Pokere` could hear the others murmuring excitedly as they began to converge on her. She kept her focus on her work, shoveling the contents of her foot locker into the duffel bag, then digging under her bed for both pair of her rarely used boots. At 14 Pokere would have been considered long in the tooth for an Initiate in most other decades. Now it was the suddenness that had everybody surprised. She stuffed both pairs of boots into the bag and them moved up to her bed-side table.

"Hey, who picked you? Why are you in such a hurry, 'kere`?"

"He said training starts today, that I needed to pack my things immediately and meet him at his ship. And to get rid of... oh, yeah." Pokere` paused just long enough to snatch the training lightsabers off her belt and lay them on the pillow of her bunk, only then pausing for a long moment to consider the enormity of her situation. Especially in relation to the answer to the other question asked of her. "Knight Halcyon..."

"You mean Master Halcyon from the Council?!" Another voice chimed in, half hopeful, half awed.

"No. I mean Master Halcyon's son, Jedi Knight Kaziki Halcyon." There was a long silence behind her and Pokere` returned to her packing immediately though she now lacked the frantic edge that had infused her actions just moments ago.

"The rock star?"
"Isn't he outcast?"
"I thought he wasn't allowed to be a Jedi for now..."

"Yes, that Halcyon. He's not outcast, he is allowed to be a Jedi. He just lost Jedi privileges within the borders of the Galactic Alliance's member worlds." She kept packing, determination seeping into her presence. She wasn't willing to look at her apprenticeship as a bad thing, no matter who had selected her. Though Knight Halcyon had made something of a splash of recent he was still a Jedi Knight. Master Tiki spoke highly of the Halcyons' efforts in the Unaligned Systems, efforts that meant Jedi still had their traditional operational rights in those break away territories. Kaziki, in particular, was largely considered a superior swordsman as well and if he'd selected Pokere` perhaps he'd seen something in her that she'd yet to discover of herself in that realm.

She stood, zipping her duffle closed and turned to face the gathered semi-circle of other Initiates. "No matter what, the point is that I'm a Jedi Apprentice now. I -will- be a Jedi Knight. I'll just take his political advice with a grain of salt..." She gave an awkward little smile with that last bit that got her a round of laughter from her class mates. "I'll see you all out there soon enough, I'm certain."

"May the Force be with you, Pokere`."

The chorus of voices gave her the traditional farewell and Pokere` felt a tear at the corner of her eye. "And with all of you, as well." She gave several hugs, a few forearm grips, and then she was off. Starting at a jog, then picking up speed as the enthusiasm infected her once again. She'd been picked. There was nothing to feel bad about, not in that. She immediately began to work her way downward in the Temple, heading for the ground level so she could make a run out to the large freighter that had dominated the landing fields for the better part of two days.
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